Artist Exhibitors

This year’s Chamber managed event will host more than 150  jury selected artisans skilled in photography, wood carving, painting, jewelry, clay, and glass.

As the St. Croix Valley’s largest art fair, this event draws more than 15,000 attendees who spend money.

Click below to download an artist application.

Artist Application   Electrical Code

Market Place Merchants

The Rivertown Art Festival will be offering again this year the Market Place, a great area within the event that specializes in handmade items that may not be art, but very unique.  

Market Place Application   Electrical Code

Concession Vendors

We are considering several changes to the food offerings provided at this year’s event. One change to anticipate is the reduction of the number of trailer food vendors.  We are now taking trailer food vendor applications; however, we don’t have specific details regarding what the reductions may be at this time.  Please be aware past concession vendor participation is not guaranteed at this year’s event.

Concession Vendor Application    Electrical Code

4 Responses to Applications

  1. Mimosa Greer says:

    Please consider accepting electronic submissions of artwork photos in the future. Quality artists have digital copies of the professional photos of their work and while it is possible to get good quality slides made from digital files if necessary, it is much more difficult to get good quality paper prints. Artists are quite willing to format their files to given specifications for a show and the result for you is copy-ready images for your promotional materials and images that are easily displayed on your web site. Also you mentioned 150 artists, does this include the International Crafts? It would be nice to know the ratio of imported to domestic vendors, how large the International Crafts section will be, and whether it will be separated from the self-made art and crafts or not. Since imported goods are often cheaper, your applying artists need to be able to decided if the can, or are wiling to compete with imported good for a share of the buying market at the event. Thanks so much for making comments available. I hope they have been helpful to you and that you have a great event this spring.

    • Great Suggestion. We may try this option once staff has a chance to discuss it. We don’t have an international section, but if things go that direction over time, that could certainly be another option to consider. Thanks – GSCC

  2. Wondering why the spring show is so expensive when the fall show is so reasonable for food vendors?

    • We are staying with the previous fee for this event; however, we will be reducing the number of trailer food concession vendors from previous years to try a local food tent option. We have heard from local food establishments that they would like to participate too. This overall reduction should boost sales for those past participants who will be approved for this year. – GSCC

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